New55 Holdings, LLC

New55 Holdings, LLC, develops products in the field of imaging. The Company is rethinking and repurposing nano-tech innovations that were originally discovered at places like Polaroid for the benefit of the arts.

The Company’s first product, New55 FILM “PN,” is a reinvention of Polaroid’s beloved Type 55 professional instant 4×5 black and white positive-negative film.  This instant, large-format monochrome film possesses the scale, acutance and refinement of the very best of analog while retaining some of the convenience and immediacy of digital.

The product addresses a niche populated by fine art photographers and artistic portraitists.  This market is now smaller than it was prior to the rise of digital but it is exceptionally well-defined.  Here are a few sample photographs in the Backers’ Gallery from our supportive community.

Photography is now in the Post-Digital era.  Direct capture — both digital and analogue — is a technical, scientific and artistic innovation space.  New55 FILM’s arrival here reflects the human urge to make marks with light using the most responsive materials, and its rediscovery can sponsor reinvestment in new light-sensitive materials with promising adjacencies — including color-instant and direct-positive large format films.

El Capitan, Winter, Sunrise, Yosemite National Park, California

Ansel Adams
El Capitan, Winter, Sunrise, Yosemite,1968
gelatin silver print (from a Polaroid Type 55 negative)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art