New55 PN – Making the Pod


video: Jen Scovern | New55 FILM

New POD Quality-Control for New55 PN

Ted McLelland and Charles Fendrock are seen in Jen Scovern’s video, above, engaged in Pod production for the New55 PN instant 4×5 positive-negative black and white film.

Not visible is the careful mixing of the developer reagent, which takes uninterrupted time and concentration.  But do notice the level of continuous precision necessary to set up, watch, check and test along the production line for a precise fill and even seal, for correct positioning of the cut, for accuracy to the specified Pod weight, and for proper thickness in the “Belly Gage.”

After Jen’s extensive Pod analysis in late May, all Pods going through Assembly upstairs have survived rigorous Quality-Control; and the latest Pod run this week generated a higher-than-expected yield due to a few key tweaks Ted and Charles made to the Pod Machine.  Best run yet!

Daily testing in Assembly shows promise and we are looking for better Pod performance, including a more consistent reagent spread on the print and negative, in June.


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