VIDEO: New55 PN – The Clip Tip-Tap TIP


This tip is for new users of New55 PN who want to know more about the Clip and how it can be checked for the right amount of tightness. Enjoy!

When opening your box of New55 PN, first be careful that the Sleeve and Clip do not separate in casual handling. Then, make sure each film packet is ready to shoot by testing that the Sleeve and Clip are not too tight.

Try shifting the Sleeve side-to-side in its Clip; a half millimeter of shift will do to ensure they will separate smoothly in the holder when you are preparing to make your exposure.

If the Sleeve and Clip are very tight and do not budge in your hand, try tapping the ends of the Clip on a hard surface (not wood, as wood will ding). After the brisk tap, check by hand to see if the fit is just right to proceed.

I perform this little exercise on all 5 film packets in my box before I go on a shoot. This ensures that I don’t get distracted or waste time when the camera and subject are ready.


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