SAVE in 2017 on Shipping with R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER

R5 NOW SHIPS IN the United States for as little as $3.09 per liter.

Now, for our customers in the United States, we are offering Flat-Rate shipping from the United States Postal Service on orders of R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER (and some other kit products, too).


You’ve complained about the high costs of shipping R5.  And we have heard you — LOUD and CLEAR! The total shipping & handling rate you will pay now for quantities of either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 bottles (our standard 1-Liter size) will be a flat $15.45. This translates to a significant savings at quantity.


For example, when you purchase one bottle of R5, the transport cost per liter is $15.45. But when you buy in quantity, the shipping costs per liter fall dramatically — 3 bottles ship for $5.15 per liter and 5 bottles ship for only $3.09 per liter.  (See the cost analysis at bottom.)

Larger Size Planned

Due to its chemical composition, R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER has a long shelf-life. Though we haven’t completed long-term testing, we have found in the short life of this product (we’ve been using it regularly since 2015) an unopened bottle lasts months longer that standard developing solutions. And an opened bottle can be trusted to work many months longer than an opened bottle of conventional developer.

r5_2liter_pm_img_1804R5’s long-shelf life encourages larger purchases, so the idea of a larger container now comes into play. Later in 2017, we plan on introducing a 2-liter bottle to the catalog for heavier use at home and in darkrooms and workshops. Pricing — to be determined — will favor heavy users.

We encourage you to try R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER in any quantity for all black and white film formats including 35mm, 127, 120, 4×5 and up. You’ll see just how easy developing your black and white analog film negatives can be.



“The REEL Truth About MONOBATHS (Part I) – 35mm”

The REEL Truth About MONOBATHS (Part I) – 35mm

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