Instant Film Maker New55 Builds Patent, IP Positions

Ashland, MASSACHUSETTS, May 15, 2017 — Manufacturers of instant film, New55 Holdings, LLC, announced today that it has completed filings for new inventions and discoveries in the field of analog photography. This field includes instant films such as those previously made by Polaroid. New55 FILM manufactures and sells its “New55 PN” alongside other analog photographic products from its Ashland, Massachusetts, plant.

New55 FILM's family of inspiring productsNew55 FILM Co-founder Robert J Crowley described intellectual properties owned and in development by the company: “We’ve unlocked the secrets of some of instant film’s most prized recipes for making beautiful prints,” he said. “Our nanotech base includes layered nanostructures that act as tiny chemical laboratories, and our ability to iterate and innovate improvements is already starting to lead to new products,” Crowley added.

Crowley — who has over 125 US and foreign patents to his name in such diverse fields as medical devices, optics, photonics, music recording, antennas and now instant film photography — began the New55 Project in 2010 to bring new analog imaging materials to market, and the company received early funding from Soundwave Research Laboratories of which Crowley is a principal shareholder.

“Customers who loved Polaroid’s large format products are finding us,” explained New55 FILM’s CEO, Sam Hiser. “The growing base of customers who are willing to accept the early products in formative stages are a larger group than we thought,” he said. “And,” Hiser added, “customers are also buying up related non-instant products such as Atomic-X ISO 100 4×5 Sheet Film, R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER and 1SHOT Ready-Loaded Sheet Film packets in increasing amounts.”

The intellectual property filings consist of a direct-positive imaging material that would produce a finished print, and further instant photographic processes that can be used with the installed based of millions of “instant ready” cameras that are already in the hands of eager photographers and artists.

“We are entering a refinement stage,” concluded Crowley, “where New55 FILM is still building its considerable portfolio of know-how, trade secrets patents and licensed patents, and building a newly-recognized brand and following.”

New55 FILM products can be seen at

New55 PN, Atomic-X, 1SHOT and R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER are trademarks of New55 Holdings, LLC.

Samuel W. Hiser

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